NORMUS not just a meme.

Launch a memecoin on Base for as little as $0.10c

Normus on bicycle


Create and invest in tokens trade with no liquidity needed.
30% Of the fees generated from trade volume will be shared to $NORMUS Holders in the Rev Share Program.

How it works

eNORMUS your trading journey!


Choose your Coin

Dive into the eNORMUSPUMP space and take your time exploring the variety of coins available. Each coin comes with its own fascinating story waiting to be uncovered. Choose one that resonates with you, learn about its background, and immerse yourself in its journey.

iPhone app
				preferences selection screen
iPhone app
				meal approving plan screen


Buy the coin on the Bonding Curve

Experience the magic by purchasing your coin on the bonding curve before it becomes available on a DEX. This early access allows you to get in ahead of the market and maximize your potential gains.


Trade As You Want

Once you purchase a coin on the bonding curve, you have complete freedom to sell and buy more at any time. There are no platform restrictions, so you can take profits or manage your holdings as you see fit.

iPhone app
				delivery screen
iPhone app
				delivery screen



When the bonding curve is fully exhausted, the token is promptly transferred to Uniswap for trading. At this point, the LP tokens are burned to ensure the liquidity pool remains secure and immutable. Additionally, the contract is renounced, which means no further modifications can be made, providing extra assurance to all token holders. This process ensures a smooth transition and enhances the trust and stability of the token in the market.


A fair distrubution of NORMUS

CA: 0xBA5EDE8d98ab88CEa9f0D69918ddE28Dc23c2553

Contract Audited

Contract Renounced

LP 100%

0% TAX 0% BS


Join NORMUS and moon with us!

Phase 1: Takeover

Successfully took over of a project rugged by its previous dev, setting the foundation for a brighter future..

Phase 2: Organic Growth & Partnerships

Fostering a vibrant community and forging strategic partnerships to ensure sustainable growth.

Phase 3: eNORMUS Launchpad Development

Developing the eNORMUS launchpad to address key issues and enhance user experience, filling gaps left by competitors

Phase 4: Moon!

Expanding partnerships and further developing our launchpad as we aim for unprecedented success.
To the moon!